New cosmetics

Perfect moisturizing from within

No matter what you do and where you actually are - your skin always deserves the best care and protection. Deeply moisturized skin is a bail of your good mood and self-esteem.

Lirene laboratories have created cosmetic line based on hyaluronic acid to help you feel beautiful and shine bright every day. How do we do it? By hyaluronic care. It is based on retaining water inside in large capacity: from 500 to 1000 molecules of water. Hyaluronic acid protects collagen and elastin fibers and thanks to it skin stays smooth and elastic  - beautiful and young. This line contains cosmetics suitable for different needs as well as for any skin type. No matter which one is yours - normal, delicate or oily & combination, you will be able to choose the proper product. Enjoy smoothness and elasticity of your skin thanks to Hyaluronic Care line.