New cosmetics

Feel the vitamin boost

You are an independent woman and you love your life. You live fast and you don’t want to miss a thing. That is why energy is the key. We have created special cosmetics just for women like you: Vitamin Energy line.

As the vitamins are important for health, beauty and good mood, we decided to use their beneficial properties in our new products. Face care with moisturizing papaya, energizing mango and encapsulated vitamin E is now completely different and much better. For all the products from this line we use a unique formula containing innovative technology - special capsules with vitamin E. Enclosing the vitamin in a capsule keeps it active and increases its efficiency. During application the capsules open and release the vitamins. With Vitamin Energy line you get immediately fresh looking complexion, restored radiant look as well as optimal and long-lasting hydration. Pleasant fruity aroma complements the benefits. Lirene products from this line are suitable for all skin types and ages.