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Double protection for longer youth of your skin

Double protection for longer youth of your skin 

We all know the feeling when the first wrinkles appear. Sometimes we think of it as a disaster, sometimes it’s simply depressing, yet it always makes us feel down. There is no need for worries ladies - new  anti-wrinkle line from Lirene - Folacin DUO EXPERT was developed to solve these problems.

Premature skin aging is the result of several external factors, such as UV exposure, environmental pollution, stress, alcohol intake, nutrition, as well as internal factors- genetics, hormonal status, etc. Cellular aging is the process by which a cell becomes old and can no longer replicate. It can be caused by external factors or it is age-related. DNA damage of the skin cells accumulates with age and cells need strong protection. For both processes- premature skin aging and cellular aging, Lirene’s research scientists have invented Folacin DUO EXPERT creams. We proudly present you completely innovative line of creams suitable for 40+, 50+ and 60+ age groups. What we offer is double protection for stronger anti-aging care. It is based on folic  acid that protects coding sequences in  DNA and proTELOMERTM  that protects telomers. Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratories was one of the first companies that started performing tests on the impact of the folic acid on skin cells and discovered this ingredient for the benefits of cosmetology. Our scientific research have proven that folic acid significantly stimulates the regeneration of skin cells DNA, activates the reconstruction processes and protects the cells against photo-aging. Intensification of regenerative processes restores cellular youth, significantly slows down natural ageing processes of the skin, and enables maintaining naturally young, firm and flexible skin for a long time.

Effectiveness of Folacin DUO EXPERT creams was proven in tests. If you want your skin to look younger and healthy it is the right choice for you.