What is in the products? - proTELOMER

Skin aging is a result of two mechanisms: exogenous and endogenous aging. Exogenous aging, also called photo-aging or sun aging, means aging caused by external factors, especially by UVA and UVB radiation. Exogenous factors are responsible for changes in epidermis and dermis – dryness, roughness, wrinkles, pigment changes, telangiectasias, small lumps and bumps, enlarged sebaceous glands and skin cancer. Endogenous aging (also intrinsic or chronological) means natural skin aging connected with biological clock. It causes dryness and roughness, sometimes itchiness, numerous small wrinkles, excessive keratosis as a result of reduced functioning of sebaceous and sweat glands, paleness, discolorations and senile spots.

There are a few theories concerning aging processes. One of them is the telomere theory. Each cell may divide a given amount of times. The division doubles the number of chromosomes and their endings, called telomeres, becomes shorter. When telomeres reach their critical length, the cell dies. Telomeres are the parts of chromosome (chromosome is a packed genetic material, our DNA) that protect it against damages during replication. Their role is similar to the one of an aglet. Without it the shoelace unravels. The same case is with DNA cell (chromosome), which without the protective telomeres is quickly destroyed. However, the telomere becomes shorter after every cell division. It’s like a countdown to the death of cell. Reduction of telomeres is a kind of “division counter” and protects cells against cancer (cells shall not divide infinitely), but also causes skin aging. Telomeres may be mutilated also as a result of oxidative stress connected with UV radiation.

Skin aging is inevitable and unfortunately it can’t be stopped. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel – proper skin care, physically and mentally active lifestyle and a healthy diet may slow down the changes that comes with time.

LIRENE Science Laboratory presents new product line Lirene Folacin DUO Expert based on double DNA protection. The rich formula contains folic acid and proTELOMER, creating a complex that protects DNA of cells and prevents their aging.

Folic acid is a B group vitamin that naturally occurs in our body and is crucial for its proper functioning. It takes part in nucleic acids synthesis - genetic material of cells, and that makes it essential for growth and replication. Its role in the synthesis of molecules that build DNA influences the proper synthesis of many proteins and enzymes and results in its strong regenerative properties. This substance has the ability to repair DNA damages caused by UV radiation (photo-aging). Folacin has also regenerative properties, accelerates repair processes and plays an important role in metabolism of carbohydrates, amino acids, DNA and RNA.

proTELOMER is a molecule that can bind with many proteins of  cells and regulate their activity, as well as redirect them to different intracellular divisions, building the "protein-protein" relations, and to join them during their mobility in cell membrane. ProTelomer keeps DNA intact and telomeres in good condition, which is characteristic for young skin cells. What is more, as a result of increased intercellular signalling, it improves the tissue quality and, thanks to physiologically healthy and more efficient cells, it influences the restoration of cell functions. The protection of telomeres ensured by proTELOMER prolongs lifespan of cells.

The combination of Folacin and proTELOMER ensures double DNA protection. Folacin takes part in synthesis of DNA constituents and influences the synthesis of proteins, whereas proTELOMER protects and stabilizes the endings of chromosomes. Thanks to that, the new LIRENE Folacin products fight skin aging more effectively.