Sensitive skin care

Although skin oversensitivity is a common problem many people still don't know how to deal with it. The key to control sensitive skin is the proper selection of cosmetics and comprehensive care matching individual needs.

Skin sensitivity can be inherited, however, it’s influenced also by the environment and by ourselves. Sensitive skin reacts on many various factors like cold, heat, changes of temperature, wind, sun, but also cigarette smoke, stress and not properly matched cosmetics. Sensitivity may manifest itself by discomfort like pinching, burning, itching or redness. The problem may temporarily occur people with every skin type, even oily or acne.

The way skin oversensitivity develops is complicated and not fully known. One of the main elements is improper functioning of skin barrier. Impairment of its protective function makes it easier for the allergens to penetrate into the skin, which contributes to skin irritation, itching or skin inflammation.

The very important element of living with sensitive skin is appropriate care with scent free and dye free cosmetics, which safety and effectiveness was confirmed in tests performed on the group of people prone to allergies. It is worth to use all products from one line that offer comprehensive skin care.

The key aspect of sensitive skin care is restoring barrier functions of epidermis and keeping them on appropriate level. Therefore cosmetics should contain active ingredients that regenerate the hydrolipid layer, such as Shea butter, olive oil wax or vegetable oils. Significant in sensitive skin care are also moisturising substances like vegetable polysaccharides, glycerine and hyaluronic acid.  Reinforcement of natural protective mechanisms and protection against external factors are both ensured by antioxidants e.g. vitamin E and minerals like copper, zinc and calcium. One should also remember to protect the skin against the harmful effect of UV radiation and to apply the products containing mineral UV filters. Also soothing and calming substances like allantoin, D-Panthenol or flax extract should be looked for in sensitive skin products.

Apart from the application of protective and moisturising creams and balms one should also pay attention to appropriate skin cleansing.  It is recommended to use mild cleansing cosmetics without strong detergents, dyes and fragrances. The special attention should be given to cleansing of face and eye area – it is recommended to use mild creams and milks, which do not require rinsing with water.

Justyna Szpanka       

Lirene Science Laboratory Expert