Summer skin care

During holidays we have time to look closely at our face and… take care of its specific needs. How to look after the eye area, cheeks and T-Zone explains PhD Monika Pasikowska – the head of Lirene Science Laboratory.

Our skin tone becomes warmer and a longer day keeps us in a good mood. However, we need to remember that the beneficial sunbeams combined with other external factors may cause skin changes. That’s why we should protect our skin in summer and enjoy sun in moderation.

The first basic rule of face care during holidays is providing protection against sunlight by using products with UV filters, but also prevent skin overload by using light texture products. It is worth remembering that cream with filters do not aim at preventing suntan – the use of filters that are appropriately chosen for our complexion helps to get the beautiful, long-lasting tan. The filter slows down tanning for your skin to fully “absorb” the tan. The proper application of sun creams prevents sunburns, the feeling of burning and redness, leaving your skin beautifully tanned.

Skin care products should match the skin type. Combination skin, prone to seborrhea, needs light creams, whereas dry skin prefers more dense cosmetics. The people with combination skin, who have noticed dryness of cheeks and the eye area, may also use more full-bodied products and apply them to those face parts, which need extra hydration. The cosmetics with coloring properties are also perfect, since they substitute for heavy fluids. What is more, on the market one can find special protective products dedicated for mature skin with anti wrinkles ingredients that have strong moisturizing and firming properties.

Both moisturizing creams with filters and soothing regeneration or hydration masks are the basics of skin care. Except from masks, also the tightening and cleansing products are worth using, especially in combination and oily skin care, because the T-Zone produces the excessive sebum and the pores seem larger than usual because of the influence of heat. One should also remember to exfoliate the epidermis with gentle face peelings.

In the summer time, it is of huge importance to provide proper care of the eye area by using creams with UV filters and antioxidants e.g. vitamins E, C and A or vegetable flavonoids.

If your skin is protected by the cream with a proper filter, it will be always advantageous to walk and to move outdoors, irrespective of age. Your skin tone and vascularization improve and the symptoms of fatigue disappear.