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After sun

SOS Rescue balm after sun overdose

Soothing for sun irritated skin.


SOS Rescue balm has been designed for the skin irritated after sun overdose.

Do you feel the unpleasant effects of sun overdose?Are you looking for a product that immediately eliminates the complications caused by too much sun exposure?

SOS Rescue balm very effectively soothes skin irritations caused by insufficient UV protection or the too long sun exposure. It calms the irritated epidermis, gives the feeling of comfort to dehydrated skin and intensively nourishes it. Carefully chosen ingredients, similar to those naturally occurring in the skin, deeply care for the skin and restore its proper functioning.

  • Striking dose of D-panthenol (5%) and allantoin - intensively sootheirritations and eliminate the effect of “burning skin”
  • Canola oil and Vitamin E – bring the immediate relief 

SOS Rescue balm:

  • Eliminates the effect of ‘burning’
  • Effectively and quickly soothes irritations and redness
  • Substitutes vitamins and lipids deficiency
  • Restores firmness and proper moisture level
  • Strengthens natural protective system

Apply to irritated skin and massage in gently, leaving a thin layer. The ultra light, oil-free texture spreads easily on irritated, sensitive skin. Please remember, the deep and massive sunburnsneed immediate medical attention!

The product was developed by the Experts of Lirene Science Laboratory.
Dermatologically tested.