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Foot Care

STOP calloussnes foot 2in1 cream-mask

Foot 2in1 cream-mask
STOP calloussnes


STOP calloussnes foot 2in1 cream-mask has been designed for very dry skin prone to callousness.

Are you looking for a product that deals with hard and rough skin on feet? 

STOP calloussnes foot 2in1 cream-mask effectively softens and smoothes your feet. It is recommended as intense night mask or for daily use.

  • 30% UREA formula – softens and smoothes the feet, prevents the formation of hard and callous skin
  • Paraffin – restores the feeling of smoothness 

STOP calloussnes foot 2in1 cream-mask:

  • Ensures softness
  • Provides long-lasting smoothness
  • Prevents callousness

Apply a thick layer of the cream on the clean skin of your feet, particularly heels. Rub it in until absorbed. If your skin is extremely hard and callous, apply a thick layer at bedtime and put on socks.

The product was developed by the Experts of Lirene Science Laboratory, guaranteeing safety and effectiveness.

Dermatologically tested.